Gems of Germany

Rothenburg o.d.T.

These are my Gems of Germany, from where I’ve been so far. They are not strictly “hidden” gems but they’re precious none-the-less. Also note, these are gems of Baden-Württemberg, a state in the south-west of Germany. Over the summer, James and I spent a couple of weeks there. This is also where I spent time […]

Vienna Photo Diary

Vienna is beautiful. It’s an amazing city to just walk around and admire the architecture, the food, and the culture. Rather than explaining, have a look at some pictures I snapped while we were there.   Austrian Government building   Beautiful gardens The weather on that day wasn’t so beautiful.   View over Vienna from Kahlenberg […]

A MUST DO in Vienna

If you go anywhere, go to Vienna. Vienna is beautiful. It’s full of culture, history, castles, amazing food and beer. A highlight of my time in Vienna was Schloβ Schönbrunn (Schoenbrunn Palace). Schloβ Schönbrunn/Schoenbrunn Palace I’ve talked about the Habsburg family in a previous blog about Trieste, and here they are popping up again. Of course, […]