When in Rome: Part 1

Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum

Rome was our first big stop. It was time wind down from our Topdeck tour and also time to soak in the epic history that Rome has to offer. We spend most days cruising round the city centre, checking out different ruins, a couple of days off at our accommodation and a day in Pompeii, […]

Our time in Venice and Florence

St Mary's Church in Venice

Our Topdeck tour eventually took us to the cities of Venice and Florence, Italy. The history was epic with architecture to match. Venice The city built on a swamp, that slowly sinks about 2mm a year, has an incredible history as an empire of roaring trade. Now a picturesque city of canals, piles of tourists […]


La Sagrada Familia | Nativity Facade

Barcelona (or Barce-tha-lon-a, if you want to pronounce it like the Spanish) was amazing. It was super hot, sunny, chilled-out and pretty funky. Obviously the highlight was and always will be La Sagrada Familia. A tall, amazingly detailed, yet unfinished masterpiece of the late Antoni Goudi. They have plans to complete this magnificent building by 2026 […]

Singapore Stopover

Singapore skyline

Our flight landed in Singapore early evening, Singapore time, bed time NZ time, so safe to say we started off tired already. We pushed through, we only had about 15 hours there and we wanted to see some of the city.   The main word that came to mind while driving through Singapore for the […]