Day Trip to: POTSDAM

Potsdam - Babelsberg Castle
Potsdam is the capital city of the German state Brandenburg, the area that surrounds Berlin. In about an hour you can whip over to Potsdam for a day or two from Berlin. Potsdam is a lovely old city with a beautiful old town area and interesting buildings. The city used to be the home to the Prussian kings and German Kaiser up until 1918. Today it’s home to plenty of research institutes and film productions.





Potsdam is easily and cheaply accessed from central Berlin by train. Take the S or U -Bahn to West Kreuz and then the S7 to Potsdam Hauptbahnhof, super easy and reasonably priced. The trip doesn’t take long and it feels like you’re quickly out of the city and into some rolling hills and nature. Costs about €6 each and takes 30mins from West Kreuz to Potsdam.


Gliennicker Brücke

If you’ve seen Tom Hanks’ 2015 movie Bridge of Spies you might know of this bridge. The Glienicke Bridge was an important bridge during the Cold War as this portion of the Havel river was the border between East Germany to West Berlin. A frontier between Soviet occupation and the Western world. Exchanges of captured spies were made on this bridge, and so it became the Bridge of Spies. An interesting place to visit.

Potsdam - Glienicke BridgeHere, Germany and Europe were divided until the 10th of November 1989 at 6pm

Potsdam - Glienicke Bridge
Potsdam - Glienicke Bridge

Schloss Babelsberg

A lovely castle on a hill, surrounded by beautiful gardens and it’s reasonably quiet tourist-wise. A great spot for a wander and a picnic.


Potsdam - Babelsberg Castle


Potsdam - Babelsberg Castle


Potsdam - Babelsberg Castle


Old Town

Lovely old buildings, ice creams and coffees, a lovely shopping and eating street in the old town. There is also another gate here, funnily enough, it’s another Brandenburg Gate.


Potsdam - Old Town


Potsdam Gate


Potsdam - Brandenburg Gate
Potsdam’s own Brandenburg Gate, same name as Berlin’s famous gate but it’s own individual look.


We managed to walk our way around all these sights. From the Hauptbahnhof, we made our way towards Berliner Strasse and down to Gliennicke Bridge. After crossing the bridge we walked through Klein Glienicke, crossing the river again towards Babelsberg Castle before looping back around to the old town. A great day’s walk and great sights along the way.


St Nicholaikirche




Potsdam - Dampfmaschinenhaus

Views across to Babelsberg Castle
Potsdam is a great getaway from the crazy life in Berlin. Definitely worth a visit for some more refined beauty.





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