Vienna Photo Diary

Vienna is beautiful. It’s an amazing city to just walk around and admire the architecture, the food, and the culture.

Rather than explaining, have a look at some pictures I snapped while we were there.


Austrian Government building

Austrian Government building

Austrian Government buildings


Beautiful gardens

The weather on that day wasn’t so beautiful.


View over Vienna from Kahlenberg hill

Definitely worth a visit, there’s a nice bar and cafe. Beers with views are the best. It’s also directly on the Hop on Hop off bus line.

Views over Vienna


Horsing around at Klosterneuburg Monastery. The bus stopped here, just outside Vienna for a 10 minute break. We were the only ones to actually get out of the bus to take photos. I hope they enjoy my cartwheels in front of their monastry pictures.


War memorial in front of the city barracks.



Imperial Palace
Hofburg Imperial Palace, the residence of the Habsburgs in central Vienna.

We went inside the Imperial Palace. It was pretty cool, we got to see the Emperor and Empress’ apartments and the biggest collection of silverware you could dream of. I have no idea why they needed so many plates.


Entrance to Imperial Palace
Entrance way to the Imperial Palace


The courtyard inside the Imperial Palace. The yellow building behind is part of the Imperial Apartments.
National Library of Austria


Schönbrunn Palace

Of course, I had to sneak in a few more pictures of this beautiful place.

Schloβ Schönbrunn

Schloβ Schönbrunn

Schloβ Schönbrunn
Ahhh, isn’t it beautiful?


Lovely Vienna, a highly recommended stop for anyone on a European trip.
















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