The First Post

The first post. What to write?

So, this is my blog. It’s called Ash Elsewhere because I’m Ash and I’ll be elsewhere for a while.

This blog will be a place for me to tell stories, post photos and share facts and tips that I learn along the way. Along what way, you say? Well, my partner, James, and I are about to embark on our “OE”, wooooo! Our plan is to head to the UK with 2 year working holiday visas to work and travel and live the dream. Firstly, we’ll travel through Europe, on a Topdeck bus tour and then through central/eastern Europe ourselves, before heading to Germany to spend time with my German family. After that we will probably have to find somewhere to live and work because by then cash may be low.

Mt Roy, Wanaka

This is the place you’ll be able to keep track of our adventure. There will be regular posts and updates of what we’ve been up to and maybe some funny stories and fun facts flicked in there too.

I hope you like my little slice of the internet, I’ll try my best to make it enjoyable for you.



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